Well done Mrs Rodwell and Bluevelvet

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Well done Mrs Rodwell and Bluevelvet

Rosie Alger-Street’s report

1st Challenge Certificate & Best of Breed


What a lovely girl. One of the best blue Selfs I have ever seen! Muscular but elegant body, heavier than she looks, straight back, slender limbs and dainty oval paws. Very good tail for length and shape with lovely paint brush end.  Shiny even blue coat, solid to the roots, close lying, and clear.  Balanced broad wedge with well spaced medium to large ears, wide at the base with slight forward tilt and rounded tips. Broad rounded brow above widely spaced expressive deep yellow clear eyes of very good shape and set.  Good nose break, straight nose and deep level chin.  Lovely shape to blunt muzzle.  Definitely my “take home” cat.

Though I would share this super report from Croydon, I feel very proud, this girl is so young and she now has two Challenge Certificates!