We breed beautiful kittens in the heart of rural Hampshire

Karesama is home to some of the top queens and stud cats in the Country ~ who are also my pets


Our philosophy is to continue to breed top quality adorable Burmese and Asian Kittens.

Over 25 year ago was I attracted to Burmese and later Asian cats due to their inquisitive, playful and friendly nature.

I feel it is essential these character traits are maintained with every kitten.

In addition to breeding many Champions, Grand Champions and Grand Premiers I have made many friends from the wonderful owners who share our passion for the adorable nature of Karesama Cats.

About Burmese and Asian Cats

I have written this about Burmese cats but it applies equally to their Asian cousins. Asians cats are known as Burmese cousins and mine are burmese with the silver gene added, so every kitten is even more beautiful!

Normally 90% or more of each Asian kitten pedigree is burmese. This way I can maintain the fantastic character of Burmese kittens in my Asian kittens.

Burmese cats are extremely affectionate, trusting and inquisitive.

Origins of Karesama

I bought my first pedigree kitten in 1973. She was a beautiful chocolate point Siamese. I called my new kitten Sheba feeling this was inspired. I now realise how may first Siamese cats are called Sheba and how much Blue Peter has to answer for! Readers of my generation will understand that comment. I feel secretly pleased though that years later they decided to name a luxury cat food after my beloved Sheba.

I tried unsuccessfully to breed with Sheba and this led to the purchase of another kitten of the “Muchloved” prefix.

Our philosophy is to continue to breed top quality adorable Burmese and Asian Kittens Learn More