Asian Story

Asian Story

The Origin Of Our Asian’s

The Asian story is really an extension of the Burmese story.  To me Burmese are the “perfect” cat, bold adventurous, elegant, affectionate and fun loving, what more could you ask for?

Well one day in 1992 I found out!

I was wandering in a fairly disinterested fashion though the foreign section of the National Cat Club show when I did a double take there sitting before me was a vision of beauty, a Burmese but with a silver undercoat – WOW.

What was more I had NO IDEA what breed the cat was and what is more I had  NO IDEA the challenge of breeding them!

I looked the cat up in my schedule.  I was slightly ashamed really to be showing interest in something in the “foreign” section!  To my amazement the vision of beauty has been bred by a friend of mine who I had not chatted to for a while.  The friend was in fact Joyce Dell who owned the first red I had mated my beloved Pepper to and who has pioneered the breeding on reds and creams in the UK, clearly now she was pioneering something else, Asian cats Burmese cousins.

Early on the Sunday morning I was on the phone to Joyce who lives in Essex – the response was, “if you are interested come over and have a chat”, and so began my education in to Asian cats.   Of course I couldn’t resist and so I booked a show and breeding queen from Joyce and I waited for what seemed for ever (about 9 months I think) until I got a phone call, Joyce has something she though I may be interested in.   I arrived very excited and Joyce was showing me the lovely litter but I could wait, “could I see that one?….Please!”.   Joyce laughed she had been teasing me and thought I would fall in love with Fay and has been keeping her back.   In fact the whole litter was beautiful and I returned to Joyce a week later to collect Fay’s sister Lottie Kupro Lilac Felicia.   Fay and Lottie are behind all the beautiful Asians bred by me.

This photo is of her aged eleven in retirement.

To me Fay is the most beautiful cat you could ever imagine beautifully marked, so elegant and such a character.   When she was being judged for best in the foreign Section at the Supreme Cat Show several years later she paraded along the table performing on the cat walk for her adoring public so all the judge could see was a tail held extremely high in the air!   To my amazement she won.

Fay is better known as UK Grand Champion Kupro Lilac Mayqueen. She was the first Asian to achieve the Supreme title and was a great ambassador for the Asian breed and especially for Burmillas.

This photo is of her age eleven in retirement