Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour

Grand Champion Karesama Pretty Poppy 27d

 Grand Champion Karesama Moonlight Serenade 27b

 Grand Champion Karesama  Silver Seacharmer 72 43bsq

 Grand Champion Karesama  Carmenarose 72 43as

 Grand Champion Karesama  Silver Seabreeze 72 43bsq

 Grand Champion Karesama Cheeky Chestnut 27

 Grand Champion Karesama Silver Seasprite 72 43bsq

Grand Champion Karesama Silver Seashadow 72 43sq

 Grand Premier Karesama Solar Cream 27f

 Grand Premier Karesama Red Rascal 27d

Grand Premier Karesama Silver Seaprince 72 43bsq


Champion Karesama Imperial Wizard 27d

Champion Karesama Dusky Rose 27d

 Champion Karesama Crimson Silk 27d

 Champion Karesama Carefree Kate 27h

 Champion Karesama Moondust 27f

 Champion Karesama Kennbury Ayesha 27h

 Champion Karesama Riverdance 72 44

 Champion Karesama Silver Seamist 72 42bq

Champion Karesama Silver Seaimp 72 43bsq

Champion Karesama Silver Seanymph 72 34sq

Champion Karesama Rani 27f

Champion Karesama Filandreserenade 27b

Champion Karesama Silver Seaxanas 72 43bsq

Champion Karesama Bluevelvet 72a

Grand Champion 

Karesama Silver Seacharmer

72 43 bsq

Sire of so may Champions and Grand Champions.

We are so proud he passed on his super type and temperment.






Grand Champion


Karesama Silver Seasprite


72 34 bsq


Photographed here as a baby.  Izzie is a super outgoing girl who has three Imperial certificates but who has now retired from the showbench.








Karesama Silver Seamercury

72 43nsq

Once again photographed a a baby, so cute!