Cat Hitch Hiker – safe!

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Cat Hitch Hiker – safe!

ROVING geriatric cat Muddy survived a 30-mile brush with death after becoming trapped in the engine of a car.

Unsuspecting Liz Ridgway heard mystery meows after returning home from a day on the road, and after she scoured the garage for a stray, her son Sam climbed under her Honda Civic and caught a glimpse of the adventurous fur ball. He was unable to reach it, so firefighters had to come to the rescue by tearing apart bits of the vehicle. And when the shaken feline emerged, it turned out to be Muddy, the 16-year-old pet of Liz’s neighbours.

The grey tabby is thought to have climbed up the car’s wheels into the warm engine compartment on Wednesday morning and clocked up the miles as Liz drove from Elburton to Derriford and on to Yelverton.

Muddy’s journey then took him from the Dartmoor town and into Plymouth city centre before he made his presence known just yards from his home.

Story found in “this is Plymouth”