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Hi Karen
Here’s a couple of photos of George (Babur) showing how laid back and so obviously helpful around the house he is as a great aid to DIY and housework. Now just over a year old, our beautiful lilac baby is sometimes very elegant and sometimes just like a baby elephant. He has settled in very well, and now gets on well with our lady Bengal Bo – and they travel around the house at a great speed together, alternating who is chasing who. He hasn’t demolished too many Christmas decorations yet although a piece of tinsel was a good toy for a while (under supervision). He has taken a liking to new leather handbags and in particular their straps – which he has found very tasty – leaving his own personalised toothmark signature on the straps!

He really is part of the family, and everyone who visits wants to take him home with them.

Thank you for letting us have such a beautiful kitten.

I hope you have had a good Christmas, and wish you a happy new year.

Fenella and Derek