Asian Cat Assocation Show

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Asian Cat Assocation Show

There are so many congratulations to give from the wonderful show on Saturday.  First on the list has to be congratulations to Sue Harbottle Sear and her super boy Grand Premier Karesama Silver Seaprince who won his first Imperial Certificate in spite of formidable opposition!

Helen Ek was delighted when Premier Karesama Sea Mercury was awarded Reserve Grand Premier and our own girl Tara, Grand Champion Karesama Silver Seashadow was delighted to be awarded a Reserve Imperial Certificate.  Tara went on to become the Best of Group winner

Special congratulations go to Claire Lovell who made up Dillon at his third adult show, congratulations

Champion Karesama Silver Seaxanas, it is fantastic to see this boy carrying on his winning ways and he is starting to enjoy entertaining the ladies too!

The photo is of my beloved first burmilla UK Grand Champion Kupro Lilac Mayqueen, she would have loved our fantastic show day.