Zoom Groom

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My Cats simply love this brush, it looks horrendous as if it would hurt the cat but it clearly does not hurt them because they really enjoy being groomed with it!

Zoom Groom is ideal for removing old and dead hairs from your cat and as I say they love it, mine queue up! I consider it is an essential grooming product to keep your short haired cat in tip top condition.

I love the fact the Zoom Groom is shaped like a cat, but this also serves a practical purpose too as the smaller head end of the brush gets around those more difficult places.

This product removes loose hair like a magnet, to be honest I also use it to brush my clothes to get rid of the cat hair!
Keeping your cat free of loose hair effectively reduces hair balls
The brush also stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for a healthy skin and coat
It is easy to use, gentle with no sharp bristles.

In summary this is a great grooming product my cays love it and I do too, especially the colour, I am such a girl!

Price: £4.50


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