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What a fantastic product, actually it is the one we have all been waiting for!

We all know don't we, the roll on back, the back legs in the air and your arm is going be inflicted with the excited back leg kick from your mischievous burmese or asian. Save your arm the Kickaroo has arrived, I love it, my arm loves it and so do my cats!

Kong Kickeroo by name and Kickeroo by nature!

The Kong Kickeroo Animal is an innovative product to help develop skills in your cat in the fact that it promotes wrestling and hind paw kicking. It is made from ultra-soft fabric and comes in 3 attractive designs, a giraffe, a cow and a tiger. The product also has a wonderful long tail which promotes even more fun, you are busy kicking it and your mate ties to run off with it in their mouth. Fantastic fun!

The practical bit
Approximate size: W10xD7xH44cm, (4x3x17").

Please note this toy is not indestructible. All cats should be supervised when playing. Replace toy once worn.

Price: £4.00


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