Pampered Princess

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This is another beautiful straight sided bowl smooth edged bowl which is delightful for any pampered girl. The boys do not get a look in with this and Pretty in Pink!

Black outer with Pampered Princess wording and crowns, wording also inside the bowl to you remind your princess when she has cleaned her plate.

There are several bowls in this range all are wonderful the choice is yours.

The Bowl is made from Porcelain, cats do not like plastic feeding bowls and positively hate plastic water bowls. This product is practical as well as beautiful, it keeps water cooler longer than plastic.

You need three ideally, one for water, one for wet food and one for dried food so plenty of fun can be had here, with the pretty in pink bowl and super polka dots available too! I have to admit the boys do get a look in with "the Boss"

The bowl is made by the high quality British manufacturer Mason Cash who have been producing quality kitchen produces since 1800.
The bowl are heavy weight and so no playful accidents!

A great gift for your precious girl.

The practical bit:-
Made from porcelain.
Straight sided.
Diameter 14cms
Fully glazed
Dishwasher safe.

I have to admit it is nice for small dogs as well as cats!

As a matter of interest Mason Cash donate approximately £15,000 a year to the RSPCA. Ethical as well as beautiful.

Price: £4.00


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